Helmut Preiss is a remarkable artist with a fascinating journey. His artistic career spans more than five decades and includes work as a painter, musician, and multimedia artist. In this blog post, we will take a look at his journey from studying the old masters in Vienna to his current contemporary style.

Section 1: Studying the Old Masters in Vienna

Helmut Preiss was born in Vienna in 1941 and showed an interest in art from a young age. At just 16, he attended the Academy of Art in Vienna to study the painting and drawing techniques of the old masters. This early exposure to classical art would have a significant impact on his work later on in his career.

After completing his studies, Helmut Preiss began exhibiting his work in Europe and the USA. His first major exhibition was held in 1973 at The Museum of Art in Munich, Germany. It was here that he showcased his mastery of classical techniques and established himself as a talented artist.

Section 2: The Rocking Painter and Multimedia Shows

In 1979, Helmut Preiss began production on his LP, The Rocking Painter, Light be Praised. The album was recorded at Musicland Studios in Munich by Academy Award winning composer Giorgio Morodar. It was a departure from his classical work and showcased his versatility as an artist.

The release of The Rocking Painter led to several multimedia shows, including television appearances and live performances. Helmut Preiss was innovative in his use of different mediums and his ability to adapt his art to fit new forms of media.

Section 3: From Neo Surrealism to Contemporary Style

In 1991, Helmut Preiss began a new transition in his art. Feeling trapped by naturalism, he felt the need to change from Neo Surrealism to a new contemporary style. He wanted to infuse more color, form, and freedom into his work.

This new style allowed him to work with abstract images and forms, something that was not possible with his previous work. It gave him the freedom to experiment and push the boundaries of his art. He was able to combine his knowledge of naturalism with contemporary techniques to create a unique style of his own.


Helmut Preiss is an artist who has constantly pushed the boundaries of his art throughout his career. From his early days studying classical techniques in Vienna to his current contemporary style, he has shown a willingness to experiment and innovate. His journey is a testament to the transformative power of art and the importance of following one’s creative instincts.

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